RGF Closes a Donation In 19 Days, Leading To $1 Million Over Two Donations

Oakland and Carmel, CA

Outright Gift

RGF Closes a Gift Donation worth over $1 million to the Berkeley Humane Society


A donor in California wanted to gift 12 residential lots in Oakland to the Berkeley Humane Society.  Berkeley Humane determined gifts of real estate were not their skill set and contacted Realty Gift Fund for assistance.  There was a catch – the property was offered on Sunday, December 12, 2021, and the donor needed to close no later than Friday, December 31, with the Christmas holiday in between these two dates.  RGF sprang into action, knowing that they had only 19 days to close on the donation.

RGF contacted the donor and signed a donation agreement stipulating that all deed transfers would be completed by year’s end, approving Berkeley Humane as the recipient of net proceeds when the properties were sold.  At the same time, RGF developed its sale strategy with a local broker, bundling the 12 lots into three packages sold to three different buyers.  The final sale closed in April 2022, after which RGF wired more than $408,000 as a charitable grant to Berkeley Humane.

Thanks to a quick response and collaboration from the initial phone call, Berkeley Humane then called their twenty most generous donors.  By June, RGF was referred to a second donation, a leased residential condominium in Carmel, CA, again with a donor needing to move quickly. RGF closed on the donation subject to the lease and engaged a local broker for pre-planning.  

Once the unit was available, RGF commenced repairs, staged the property, and submitted the listing to the local MLS system.  Within a week the property was under contract at full price, and the outcome was an additional $645,000 grant to the Berkeley Humane Society.

Realty Gift Fund is the specialized nonprofit founded to simplify gifts of real estate.  By educating its loyal donors about the impact of real estate philanthropy, Berkeley Humane was able to generate more than $1 million in charitable funds to advance its mission.

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