Benefits to Donors

What's the benefits to donors?

There are many benefits for donors who make charitable gifts of real estate:

Introduction to Realty Gift Fund: Donate Real Estate to Charity


Tax Benefits

Gifts of appreciated real estate avoid capital gain taxes, and entitle you to a deduction against your taxable income, based on your property’s current appraised value.



Gifts of complex assets allow you to retain liquid assets for your lifestyle, and simplify transfers of wealth to the next generational.


Family Philanthropy

Repurposing a property you no longer use by converting it to a charitable gift, can fund a “giving account” that grows tax free, and serves as the source of cash grants you and your family can make over generations.


Partial Cash Payments

A donation of real estate can be split into a cash portion for debt payoff or a donor’s personal needs, and a gift portion to support the donor’s favorite nonprofits.