Case Study #4



A retired real estate executive had acquired a small portfolio of single-family homes in Ft. Collins, CO, that he rented to Colorado State University students. At the same time, he became active in Colorado’s conservation movement, volunteering with several state and national groups who accept and steward conservation easements.

Having earlier gifted one of his properties to a national organization, he wanted to make a second gift that he could share across several programs and approached Realty Gift Fund with a proposal to donate a home that was leased to 3 students through the end of the school year.

The home appraised for $359,000, the loan amount was $133,000. Inspections revealed mold and radon issues and RGF accepted the gift as a bargain sale, paid off the debt, mitigated and repaired the unit, and sold the unit to an investor seeking just this type of property.

After all costs, prorations and the debt payoff, the sale resulted in net proceeds of $180,000 which were share with 5 nonprofits.


  • Realty Gift Fund


  • For the Donor - Able to fulfill a charitable strategy aimed to help multiple nonprofits. Avoided significant capital gains tax, captured a charitable deduction and confidently assigned a renovation and sale process to professionals who made the donation simple and safe.
  • For the Nonprofits - Multiple nonprofits received an unexpected major grant of cash derived from a single donation of a debt encumbered property with environmental issues without ever taking title, or accepting the financial obligations of a complex transaction process.
  • For the RGF - Another great story and several satisfying grants to worthy nonprofits in the conservation space.